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Welcome to Alodia Spa products

Located in Bangkok, Alodia is a Spa products manufacturer spacialized in massage oils for professionals. We produce a large range of carrier oils, aromatherapy massage oils and functional massage oils for both domestic and international market.

All our massage oils are produced to order with natural ingredients to enhance your customers experience.

Highly flexible
We make easy for you with flexible coverage, customized formulation so that you can achieve your best
Small quantity order
High customization coupled with low minimum volume requirement.

Quick response time
For new recipes & promotions development

Fast delivery
Short production lead time and prompt deliveries
We are very impressed by your flexibility and service, since we use your massage oils, we order just what we need and have cut our inventory a lot. Delivery are quick and reliable, when we will change our menus we will definitely use more of your products.
Spa manager
Five star resort, Kamala, Phuket.
We really appreciate how easy and prompt it is to get samples and the speed you can propose Signature scents, it saves a lot of time and is very fun.
Spa manager
Private Villas Resort, Huahin, Thailand.
Texture is excellent in every oils - with the right proportion used, the oil is not too greasy and absorb into the skin perfectly. Most of our customers are not request to take shower after the treatment. Our therapists are also love the texture, they said it is the best quality of the oil that they have ever used.
Fitness & Spa manager
Five star international hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok.
While I was in Bangkok, I met with several spa producing companies and, I was very impressed with you and your company. You have a lot of passion for what you do. This is the type of partner that we'd be proud to work with, one who shares the same passion for what they are doing as we do. We take pride in our resorts, spas, and retreats and it was obvious that you do to. Your knowledge and passion for the spa products you create was obvious and refreshing!
Group Chief Executive Officer
International Resort Group , Bangkok, Thailand
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to all of you who are really give a good support and devote to our 1st Spa Day Event. It is an excellent workshop. It will not success if this event has no support from your side.
Spa manager
Four star resort, Pattaya, Thailand.
We have used the hydrosols already, I thought they were really good quality and worked perfectly in the way we intended...
F&B Director Asia-Pacific
International Five star hotel chain, Hongkong.

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