To provide Spas operators with handmade, quality Spa products customized to their needs and clients’ expectations,

Produced with natural ingredients and integrating as much as possible local ingredients.

Alodia give preferences to handmade production techniques, local wisdom and ingredients. We value our artisans and work as a team to develop our own techniques and resources, creating a common know how in a cooperative manner.


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We are committed to the highest levels of quality, reliability and service.

We work hard to continually streamline our processes to create more beneficial and transparent relationships with our clients.

We appreciate the creativity of our clients and work hard to make their ideas a reality. With highly skilled workers and our spirit of experimentation, we’re good at creating exactly the products textures and aromas you imagine.

We believe manufacturing can be ethical. There is no reason the production of Spa products and ingredients should involve maltreatment or unfairness to either people or the Earth.
We are committed to being an Ethical and Green supplier.

We value hand production. All our products are handmade by skilled artisans, many of whom have worked with us since we opened. Our ingredients are natural products and as such can vary in texture or aroma, we believe only handwork can achieve the high level of customization required to deliver consistency to the final products.

Respect workers’ rights. We think the artisans that produce Alodia Spa products are the backbone of the company and deserve the utmost respect and support. We are committed to improving our workers’ quality of life through fair pay and working conditions.

Support local and natural materials. We believe in direct, local access to suppliers and spend a lot of our time and energy to locate the right ingredients and suppliers throughout Thailand to ensure ethical sourcing, quality ingredients and control storage and transformation processes.