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Alodia Body Lotion is a sheer moisturizer. It spreads easily and allows skin to breathe. It leaves the skin soft and supple. With Polyquaternium-51, Alodia body lotion formula leaves a film on the skin to keep its moisture.
Alodia Body lotion is available with a large choice of essential oils.
Scent can also be customized to your requirements.


Alodia shower gel is a special moisturizing formula which creates a luxurious lather. Alodia shower gel is Paraben Free, SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) Free.
Formulated with Polyquaternium-51, Alodia shower gel leaves a film on the skin to keep its moisture.
Alodia shower gel is available with a large choice of essential oils.
Scent can also be customized to your requirements.


Alodia shampoo is a special volumizing formula which creates a superior lather. Alodia shampoo is Paraben Free and SLS (Sodium Laurate Suphate) Free.
Formulated Ceracute™ Alodia shampoo absorb easily in hair fibers and deliver improved flexibility and smoothness.


A superior conditioner treatment with virgin jasmine rice oil to provide intense moisture.
The components of the virgin rice bran oil, Gamma Oryzanol acts as a protective agent against UV light and the Ferulic acid present in gamma oryzanol stimulate hair growth.
Alodia conditioner treatment reduces Fly away.


A rich and extremely relaxing experience, bath oils will leave the skin nourished, supple and soft.

Add half a cup of Alodia bath oils under running water, the oil will diffuse instaneously in the bath.

Available in a large range of scent including signature scents.
– Fresh
– Lemongrass&Ginger
– Moke
– Jasmine
– Sakura
– Rose


  • How to use

Sea salt is rich in minerals Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. Sea salt also contains essentials trace elements, iron, iodine, manganese and zinc,  highly beneficial to human body.

Pour 35gr of salt for each litre of warm water at 37 – 39°C

Immerse the body for about 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes rest.

  • Benefits

Sea salts have been used for centuries, to promote health, beauty, and healing. Sea salt is a great purifier that dissipates negative energy.

The salt water penetrates the pores and is absorbed into the bloodstream. It helps to remove lactic acid accumulated in the body after strenuous workouts or heavy activity relieving stiff and sore muscles tissues

Sea salt combined with warm water plump up the skin leaving it with a healthy and youthful glow.

Regular salt baths help Dry skin, Acne, Musculoskeletal pain and swelling , Arthritis pain  or sport injures. It is also highly effective reducing stress level, insomnia.

Sea salt soaks are very therapeutic and beneficial to our bodies and minds.


  • Benefits

Epsom salt in a warm bath soothes aching muscles while removing impurities and toxins from the body, helping to rebalance.

Blended with appropriate essential oils, Epsom salt bath can be easily incorporated in Spa menus providing customers with a great Spa experience at very reasonable costs.

Suggestions include, Cleansing blends, Muscle Relaxing blends; Sport Recovery, Revitalizing blends or Jet Lag blends.


Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays an important role in the body. It is extremely beneficial for everything from soothing sore muscles to revitalising the skin.

Magnesium chloride is also beneficial to revitalising muscles after exercise and is extremely popular in the health and fitness world for its powerful rejuvenative properties.

Magnesium is especially important to cells in our muscles, particularly during exercise and for post-exercise recovery. When you exercise, your body’s magnesium levels drop rapidly. This is because it is an electrolyte that is used to conduct electrical impulses and action potentials, such as the contraction of a muscle. When you stop exercising, magnesium continues working, preventing muscles from cramping and spasming.

When you take a magnesium salt bath after exercise, the minerals in the water are absorbed into your body transdermally. As a result, magnesium levels are replenished.


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