Alodia Boutique Manufacturer of Professional Spa products.

Boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a limited level of automation.

Boutique manufacturing is usually selected for high quality goods produced in very small batches or for unique goods.

The key advantages of boutique manufacturing in comparison to traditional factory manufacturing with batch fabrication or large production are as follows:

  • High flexibility during manufacturing allowing for small order quantities.

  • Allows an unachieved level of product individualization.

  • Allows for quick production of new products.

In our case, we produce bases such as scrub creams, shower gel, shampoo, hair treatment, body lotion weekly in small batch. We then customize these bases order per order. Batch production usually take place on Fridays so we can run all appropriate analysis during the weekend.

Orders are dealt with one by one, usually carried out by one or two workers. They are responsible for the whole order, from production to final packing.

Along the process, various type of QC will be conducted organoleptic (aroma), mechanical (texture), product weight or aesthetic.

In line with GMP practices, samples of every product from every order will be stored and kept for future reference

This organization, only possible because of the high skills of our artisans, gives us a unique flexibility and allow us the produce and despatch orders within 3 to 5 days.

This encourage our clients to develop unique products and signatures for the highest satisfaction of their customers be they innovative Spa treatments, Special promotions such as New Year, Valentine or Mothers Day but also in the meantime to maintain low inventory.