Essential oils & Immune system (Which essential oils support?)

[hoot_slider id=”6769″] The COVID-19 era is a time of uncertainty where consumers are looking ways to hack their well-being for improving their chances to resist the virus. This covers many aspects of Well-being including food supplements, diet, exercise and any other ways to support their immune system including Aromatherapy. These independent studies run across multi-discipline… Read more

Cash on Delivery is now available!

We’ve got good news Cash On Delivery (COD) is now available in all provinces of Thailand! With COD you can pay with cash at your door for your online orders. For re-opening of smaller spas, and in a context of possibly lower booking numbers, you can now order our products online in smaller packaging and… Read more

Anti-Viral massage oils with Alodia Mind & Body & massage oil and Alodia Spirit & Body massage oil

With Spa re-opening, some clients or therapists will have legitimate questions regarding safety. With this in mind, we created 2 massage oils blended with essential oils selected on the base of coronavirus (H1N1) research from Canada (see references below). Trans-dermal absorption of essential oil vary from 1- 5% depending on the carrier, oil, lotion or… Read more

What’s Alodia?

Alodia is … a boutique manufacturer of massage oils and Spa products for professionals. Alodia products are designed with care for discerning Spa operators and Independent Therapists around the world. To provide Spas operators with handmade, quality spa products customized to their needs and clients’ expectations, produced with natural ingredients and integrating as much as… Read more