Alodia spa products export to Hongkong


Located in Bangkok, Alodia is a Spa products manufacturer specialized in massage oils for professionals. We produce a large range of carrier oils, aromatherapy massage oils and functional massage oils for both domestic and international markets.
All our massage oils are produced to order with natural ingredients to enhance your customers experience.

About Us

Alodia products are designed with care for discerning Spa operators and Independent Therapists around the world.

Our products are crafted with natural and organic raw materials.

Our simple and efficient formulation helps you optimize your operations and ensure your customers satisfaction.

Alodia Boutique Manufacturer of Professional Spa products.

Boutique manufacturing is a method used for the custom production of certain products in limited quantities by hand or with a limited level of automation.

Boutique manufacturing is usually selected for high quality goods produced in very small batches or for unique goods.

The key advantages of boutique manufacturing are as follows:

  • High flexibility during manufacturing allowing for small order quantities.
  • Allows an exceptional level of product individualization.
  • Allows for quick production of new products.

Mission & Values

To provide Spas operators with handmade, quality Spa products customized to their needs and clients’ expectations, produced with natural ingredients and integrating as much as possible local ingredients.

Alodia give preferences to handmade production techniques, local wisdom and ingredients. We value our artisans and work as a team to develop our own techniques and resources, creating a common know how in a cooperative manner.

Massage oils

With over 20 refined and virgin oils available for blending, Alodia can customize carrier oils to your exact requirement.

We stock over 100 Essential oils and Fragrances to blend Aromatherapy massage oils, functional oils, Facial oils or Spa products.

Body scrubs

Alodia manufactures a large range of scrubs including Scrub creams, Salt scrubs, Sugar scrubs and Herbal powders.
Available from our price list or customized with selected Phyto-Active ingredients and Signature blends, Alodia has a solution for your menu.

Other products

Alodia also manufacture or distribute a whole range of products used in Spa:
  • Essential oils and Essential oil signature blends,
  • Hydrosols,
  • Body masks,
  • Foot Spa products (bath salt, massage oil, scrubs)
  • And a range of amenities:
  • Body lotion,
  • Shower gel,
  • Shampoo,
  • Hair treatment,
  • Bath oils
  • Bath salts

All available in a large range of aromas.

Our distributor in Hongkong

Bright Sources Asia Limited