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Massage oils are at the core of Alodia activities.

With over 20 refined and virgin oils available for blending, Alodia can Customize your carrier oil to your exact requirement.

We stock over 100 Essential oils and Fragrances to blend Aromatherapy massage oils, functional oils, Facial oils or Spa products.

Alodia also developed Signature Massage oils for a large number of properties from Day Spa to leading 5 stars hotel chains.

Alodia Hypo-Allergenic Massage oils

To lower the risks of allergies, Alodia developed an hypo-allergenic blend.
The massage oil is gluten free, does not contain proteins and is never blended with essential oils or fragrance.

Like all Alodia massage oils, the Hypo-allergenic massage oil does not contain any chemical, preservative or additive.

The oil naturally contains Gamma Oryzanol a powerful antioxidant and has a high vitamin E content. The oil is very emollient and leave the skin smooth and well hydrated.

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  1. Dear Alodia,
    I’m looking for a spa massage candles and massage oils in whole sale for our spa. Please send details, thank you

  2. Hi,
    I’m from a spa in Maldives
    I would like to have your price list for professional massage oils

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