Sweet almond oil is an emollient oil extracted from the nuts of the sweet almond tree (Prunus amygdalus var. dulcis). The sweet almond oil is almost clear with a light yellow tint and a sweet, nutty fragrance.

Sweet almond oil is a very popular massage oils in the Spa  trade and many Spas use it as a straight carrier.

We also use Sweet almond oil in Aromatherapy massage oils. The Alodia Basic Line Sweet Almond carrier oil, (Rice bran oil, Sunflower oil, Sweet almond oil)  is definitely one of our best selling carrier oil. While the Sweet almond oil does not modify the mechanical properties our Basic Line carrier oil, it does add a silky touch to the skin finish once it absorbs.

Rich in minerals, the Sweet almond oil, also complete the properties of the Basic Line carrier for added skin benefits.

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