What’s Alodia?

Alodia Spa Products

Alodia is …

a boutique manufacturer of massage oils and Spa products for professionals. Alodia products are designed with care for discerning Spa operators and Independent Therapists around the world.

To provide Spas operators with handmade, quality spa products customized to their needs and clients’ expectations, produced with natural ingredients and integrating as much as possible local ingredients.

We believe manufacturing can be ethical. There is no reason the production of Spa products and ingredients should involve maltreatment or unfairness to either people or the Earth. We are committed to being an Ethical and Green supplier.

Alodia has evolved as a recognized manufacturer of Aromatherapy oils and supply a full range of Scrubs, Masks, Essential oils, Foot spa products and Spa amenities.

To receive samples and more information:

you can call at 02 691 6232 or 02 691  6236

Inquiry in Thai:  khun Meaw or khun Wow

Inquiry in English:  Mr. Francois or Mrs. Thitima

Or send us sms by Line Official Account: @alodiaspaproducts

or click -> เพิ่มเพื่อน


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